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New Albuquerque Arena Study Released

New Mexico Arena design concept

A study on a proposed new Albuquerque arena has been released, showing some ideas for how the venue could be incorporated into the state fairgrounds.

EXPO New Mexico is considering its options for constructing a new arena, aiming to build a more modern and larger venue than the existing Tingley Coliseum. The goal would be draw high-profile acts that are passing over the Coliseum, which has a seating capacity of over 11,000.

A study conducted by Populous has been released, showing five potential locations on fairgrounds property for a new arena along with three possible design concepts (one of them is shown above). The report shows some possibilities for the new arena, but EXPO New Mexico general manager Dan Mourning indicates that further due diligence will be needed before officials could settle on any plans. More from KRQE:

The study shows three potential arena designs, showcasing desert colors and modern landscapes.

Additionally, there are five possible locations for it on the grounds, including options near Central, another off San Pedro, and another on the same spot as Tingley Coliseum.

Mourning, however, said this long-time idea is still in the early stages.

“They’ll be further studies, I’m sure, to see which is the best location,” he explained.

Tingley Coliseum originally opened in 1957, and is currently used for concerts, indoor football in the form of the Duke City Gladiators, as well as a variety of other events.

Rendering courtesy Populous.

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