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New Albuquerque Arena Under Study

A study of a new Albuquerque arena is in its final stages, with the report expected to consider a venue for large concerts and other events. 

EXPO New Mexico is reportedly in the final stages of a feasibility study that explores the potential for a new arena. The final report should yield more information about the viability of the idea, but an arena could be designed to accommodate major touring acts along with other events.

Albuqerque is currently served by Tingley Coliseum, a facility located on the EXPO grounds. While it remains to be seen what the report will outline, officials are considering a larger, more modern arena on the EXPO grounds as a way to attract acts that cannot be accommodated at the existing 11,000-seat facility. More from

General Manager Dan Mourning, says it’s something they’ve been working on for years, as they look into various aspects of building an arena.

“Determine what size of arena. What could be coming into New Mexico? Is it a sports thing? It’s not just concerts. What other national shows are out there?” said Mourning.

Mourning says the push for a bigger arena comes after they noticed top tier acts “passing through” New Mexico and playing at cities that can accommodate large stage productions.

“They don’t want to be in something that is too small that they can’t get their staging in,” said Mourning.

The study is reportedly expected to conclude in the next few months. Tingley Coliseum originally opened in 1957, and is currently used for concerts, arena football in the form of the Duke City Gladiators (Champions Indoor Football), as well as a variety of other events.

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