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Tampa Bay Lightning Cutting Amalie Arena Concessions Prices

Amalie Arena

The Tampa Bay Lightning are lowering Amalie Arena concessions prices, as a new initiative implements an overall reduction of approximately 15% on food and beverage pricing.

These price decreases are effective immediately, starting with the team’s next home game, February 25 versus the Toronto Maple Leafs. The announcement comes just one week after the organization pledged to reimagine and improve the dining and drinking experiences throughout the arena under the Cur(ate) TPA brand.

“Owner Jeff Vinik routinely challenges our leadership team to ask for guest feedback and, more importantly, that we listen with the intent to make changes,” said Lightning Chief Executive Officer Steve Griggs. “We recently completed a thorough review, and we would like our fans to know that we have listened to the survey feedback and one on one conversations with our front-line staff. The fans’ voice does matter, and we are pleased to implement these changes.” 
Guests at Lightning games will see an average overall reduction of approximately 15 percent on food and beverage pricing at Amalie Arena for all remaining Lightning games in the 2019-20 season with some items reduced by 25 percent. Also, as has been the standard at Amalie Arena for the past nine years, Lightning Season Ticket Members will also continue to receive their 25 percent (full season STMs) and 10 percent (half season STMs) food and beverage discounts on top of the new reductions. Season ticket members also receive 35 percent (full season STMs) and 15 percent (half season STMs) discounts on all merchandise that they purchase at the arena.  
“We understand our fans must consider the all-in price of attending a Lightning game at Amalie Arena, and we want to help address that,” said Griggs. “Additionally, as we referenced last week in making our Cur(ate) announcement, we believe our fans will benefit from an enhanced food and beverage experience at Amalie Arena.” 
Specific examples of the food and beverage price reductions include snack pretzel (26 percent), large popcorn (26 percent), Aquafina bottled water (25 percent), peanuts (25 percent) and Pepsi bottled soda products (21 percent). In total, more than 300 separate items are seeing price reductions. 

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