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Alabama Could Opt for Coleman Coliseum Renovation

Alabama Crimson Tide

The university has not made its final decision, but Alabama could opt to undertake a Coleman Coliseum renovation to address its arena situation. 

Home to multiple athletic programs, including men’s and women’s basketball, Coleman Coliseum has served the university since its opening in 1968. While Alabama has made Coleman Coliseum a home for decades, competing SEC schools have recently made strides to modernize their offerings by constructing new arenas or renovating existing venues.

That has prompted some questions about what Alabama will decide in regard to Coleman Coliseum’s future, and whether a new arena or a renovation will be the university’s course of action. Recent comments from athletic director Greg Byrne indicate that a renovation could be an option, but that Alabama still has some factors to consider before making its final decision. More from

“It’s leaning more towards the idea of a remodel but even there, we’re not there yet,” Byrne said Wednesday at SEC Spring Meetings in Destin. “We’ve been studying that and research in the marketplace about what would be supported and then we have to find a financial model that can work.”

Byrne said there still wasn’t any kind of timetable set for when any changes would be designed, announced or implemented.

“I think it will be more of a renovation than a new building,” Alabama men’s basketball coach Avery Johnson said.

A renovation in the mid-2000’s did include a club level behind the east basket, but Coleman Coliseum still does not feature any luxury suites. If Alabama does decide to renovate the venue, premium areas could be a focal point, just as they have been for other programs in their arena renovations. For example, an upcoming renovation in the SEC will take place in Kentucky, where the university will add new clubs to Rupp Arena.

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