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Raises on Tap for NBA G League Players

NBA G-League

Players in the NBA Gatorade League (G League) will see pay raises next season, with players under G League contracts earning a base salary of $7,000 per month. 

In a plan that is being implemented by the NBA, players under a G League contract will experience a pay bump for the 2018-19 season. After earning $19,000 or $26,000 for the season, depending upon classification, players will now have a $7,000 per month base salary. Over the course of a full five-month G League season, that would amount to $35,000.

Additionally, teams will continue to be allowed to carry players using two-way contracts. More from The New York Times:

N.B.A. teams will continue to have the ability to carry two players on their rosters using what are known as two-way contracts. Starting next season, according to the new salary figures, such deals will pay $77,250 in the G League (prorated for days spent on a G League roster) and an N.B.A. rookie minimum salary prorated for days spent with their N.B.A. team.

The $77,250 is an increase from $75,000 this season, and it means the maximum potential earnings for two-way players in the 2018-19 season will be $385,000.

According to an announcement from the league, players will still be able to boost their salaries through call-ups to the NBA and bonuses. The 2018-19 NBA G League season is slated to feature 27 teams, including the expansion Capital City Go-Go (owned by the Washington Wizards). Expansion over the last few seasons has put the league closer to 30 teams, and Denver, New Orleans, and Portland are the only NBA squads without a direct affiliate in the circuit.

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