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New Orleans VooDoo to return

New Orleans VooDooAfter a three-year hiatus, the New Orleans VooDoo name is returning to the new AFL, as the Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings are relocating to New Orleans Arena for the 2011 season.

The new team will use the logos and claim the history of the previous New Orleans VooDoo, which was owned and managed by the NFL’s New Orleans Saints. Otherwise, there are no ties at all between the Saints and the VooDoo.

Under owner Tom Benson, the VooDoo franchise was one of the most successful in the old AFL: it regularly packed New Orleans Arena and competed for championships. However, when Benson folded the team in 2008, he never really said what prompted his actions; the assumption was the lack of a clear business plan.

Owner Dan Newman is expected to announce the franchise shift today.

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