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Kansas City Brigade returns to AFL

Another former AFL team owner is re-entering the fold, as the Liken family announces the Kansas City Brigade will be joining the new Arena Football League for the 2011 season.

The new AFL management must be doing something right; the Brigade is the third former AFL franchise to commit to the new AFL, as Kansas City joins Philadelphia and San Jose as teams coming back to life. The good news for the new AFL: these three teams were considered financial successes in the old regime.

“The return of arena football presents a unique opportunity to give back to citizens throughout the region-both in the form of entertainment as well as in community and charitable endeavors,” said Chris Likens. “I always believed that Arena Football would return to Kansas City — we were simply awaiting the right circumstance. The optimal circumstance has presented itself and, as a lifelong Kansas Citian, I look forward to the opportunity of joining the legacy of generosity evidenced throughout this community in and out of sports.”

The team played its final season at Sprint Center and is expected to return there.

Kevin Porter returns to the Kansas City Brigade as General Manager. With 10-years of coaching expertise, Porter will run the day-to-day football operations of the club. Following a stellar football career at Auburn University, including second team All-American honors, Porter was drafted in 1988 in the third round of the NFL draft and played for six years with the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets as cornerback and safety. Porter completed his undergraduate degree in business at Avila University. During the next few weeks, Porter will work on the coaching situation for the 2011 season.

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