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Bud Walton Arena Enhancements Unveiled

The University of Arkansas has unveiled several Bud Walton Arena enhancements for the 2019-20 basketball season, including free public Wi-Fi and other fan experience improvements.

Free Public Wi-Fi at Bud Walton Arena
A new comprehensive, arena-wide Wi-Fi system was installed at Bud Walton Arena this offseason. The increased connectivity will provide fans the ability to browse the web and share on social media easier than ever. To access the free Wi-Fi, fans will simply need to logon to the stadium’s network #RazorbackWiFi, complete a short registration and then they will be ready to go.

Family-Friendly Deals
Concession and merchandise booths will have a “Happy Hour” prior to each game which will feature discounted items. Fans are encouraged to arrive in Bud Walton Arena each game within the first hour of gates being open, to enjoy special in-game promotions and contests, while also taking advantage of merchandise offers. Concession specials will be located at the marketing table.

Light Show
Pregame introductions will have some extra flare this season for men’s and women’s basketball games. This year, when the team’s intro videos are playing, just before starting lineups are announced, fans can participate with their mobile devices in a light show that is synchronized with the audio from the highlight video.

All fans need to do is download the Razorback Gameday App, click the menu in the top left corner and click “Light Show.” Your phone microphone will recognize that the light show is beginning and automatically sync your flashlight up.

Band Enhancements
Expect more involvement and energy from the Hog Wild Band inside Bud Walton Arena this season. Also, don’t be surprised if there are band members moving around the Arena to keep the energy level high, along with expanded playlist, greater percussion instrumentation and more mascot involvement.

Charging Stations
Phone charging stations will be available at Bud Walton Arena in both the north and south concourses in an effort to maximize the fan experience while leveraging your mobile device throughout all of the action.

Alcohol Sales
Based on the successful expansion of alcohol sales into the general seating areas of Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium for football games, fans at Bud Walton Arena will also be able to purchase beer and wine in public areas of the arena this season. Beginning with the Nov. 16 men’s basketball game and Nov. 17 women’s game, beer and wine will be available for purchase for fans attending the game.  Alcoholic beverages at Razorback basketball games have previously been available only in suites and private club areas. The program will now be expanded to create availability for the purchase of beer and wine to fans 21 years or older within designated public areas in and around the arena.

Consistent with SEC guidelines passed in May 2019, alcoholic beverages will be sold and dispensed at designated stationary point of sale locations on the concourse and not by vendors in seating areas. Additionally, fans may purchase alcohol in the Hall of the Champions in the south lobby, located adjacent to the main Hog Heaven merchandise location within the arena.  Identification checks will be required of every person at the point of each sale and alcohol will be dispensed into cups.  A limit of two servings per person will be allowed with each transaction. Sales of alcohol will be halted approximately midway through the second half, coinciding with the media timeout at the 12-minute mark of men’s games and at the end of the third quarter for women’s games.

Similar to football, rideshare drop-off and pick-up service will be made available at Razorback basketball games. A designated driver awareness program will also be implemented, encouraging fans to plan ahead on transportation options if they wish to consume alcohol on game day.

Alcohol will not be allowed in the University of Arkansas student seating section, located in the lower southeast corner of the arena. Beer and wine sale kiosks will also not be located in the immediate proximity of the student section. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from alcohol sales will be designated for use by the University of Arkansas’ Division of Student Affairs for alcohol-related education and programming for university students.

Improved In-game Entertainment
Additional gameday enhancements are also planned with everything from increased halftime performances to more fan-friendly on-court opportunities, sound quality improvements, expanded videoboard promotions and much more.  When Razorback fans arrive to cheer on the Hogs this season, they can take advantage of a number of new ways to celebrate basketball gameday.

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