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Tacoma Dome Will Close for Renovation

Tacoma Dome

To accommodate construction from a $30-million renovation, the Tacoma Dome will be closed over the summer months before reopening this fall. 

The project that is moving forward will lead to several changes at the Tacoma Dome. New seating and restrooms will be among the major components of the project, which will also be marked by improvements to behind-the-scenes areas like loading docks and dressing rooms.

An event is scheduled to take place at the arena the middle of June. It will close following that event, and is expected to reopen in October. More from

“We have some pretty archaic systems in the building that really need to be upgraded. They’re functional, but they obviously need to be improved and just brought up to 21st century standard,” said [Director of Tacoma Venues and Events Kim] Bedier.

The Tacoma Dome will host its final high school commencement ceremony on June 19 with plans of re-opening in October.

The Tacoma Dome originally opened in 1983, and has been used for a variety of events over the years. It has even stood in as a temporary NBA facility, as the Seattle SuperSonics spent the 1994-95 season in Tacoma while their home in Seattle underwent a renovation.

Image courtesy Tacoma Dome.