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Welsh-Ryan Arena to Reopen in November

Welsh-Ryan Arena Renovations

The timeline for renovations to Northwestern‘s Welsh-Ryan Arena should allow it to reopen in November, according to the latest update. 

Welsh-Ryan Arena has been undergoing renovations since last March, forcing Northwestern’s men’s and women’s basketball programs to spend their 2017-18 NCAA seasons elsewhere. The $110-million renovation should modernize and improve player and fan amenities, and it has been expected that the arena will reopen for the 2018-19 basketball season.

As it stands, Northwestern expects that the Welsh-Ryan Arena will be back in action this fall. It is anticipated that both the men’s and women’s programs will play their first games at the reopened arena in November, according to Northwestern president Morton SchapiroMore from The Daily Northwestern:

The arena, which has been undergoing construction since March 2017, is likely to first host men’s and women’s games Nov. 2, Schapiro said. The opening is planned to coincide with the Nov. 3 football game against Notre Dame, which is likely to draw a large NU crowd.

“That’s going to be a heck of a weekend. And that place is going to be packed,” Schapiro said. “The students are going to go crazy when they see how unbelievable, wonderful that new arena’s going to be. … I can’t wait.”

The November christening means the volleyball team will be forced to play the majority of its home games off-campus again, though a department source told The Daily on Thursday that the November opening was always expected.

For the 2017-18 season, Northwestern’s men’s and women’s programs have played their home games at separate facilities. The men’s program has called Allstate Arena in Rosemont its home, while the women’s program has played Beardsley Gym in Evanston, IL.

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