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FedEx Forum Set for Upgrades

FexEd Forum videoboard rendering

Several technology upgrades will take place at FedEx Forum in time for of the Memphis Grizzlies‘ 2017-18 slate, including the installation of a new centerhung disaply. 

Daktronics will manufacture and install the new LED video display super system which features a single continuous screen wrapping around the corners of the centerhung structure totaling 2,600 square feet and 5.5 million LEDs. The entire venue will feature state-of-the-art technology including 24 LED displays for nearly 10,700 square feet and 9.6 million LEDs.

“There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes investment, but there’s also a lot of fan-facing investment that needs to take place,” said Jason Wexler, Grizzlies President of Business Operations. “The technology evolves, and FedExForum was the last standard-definition (arena) in the NBA. And standard-definition, obviously, doesn’t cut it anymore. Part of why you want to maintain FedExForum as a first-rate facility is because you want to have a first-rate fan experience. This is a huge step in that direction.”

The unique, continuous centerhung display will feature 6-millimeter line spacing and measure approximately 16.5 feet high by 156 feet in circumference. Two under-mounted displays will face the sidelines and measure roughly 10.5 feet high by 14.5 feet wide for better visibility to seats closer to the action.

The main display features variable content zoning which allows it to show one large image wrapped around the entire screen and it can also be separated into multiple windows to show any variety of live video, instant replays, statistics and game information, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

“This is an exciting project as we continue our long-standing relationship with FedExForum and the Memphis Grizzlies,” said Andrew Rice, Daktronics sales representative. “The innovative new displays bring more visual elements and excitement to all events held at the venue. Grizzlies owner Robert Pera and Grizzlies management has challenged us to be forward thinking with the new centerhung design and Daktronics looks forward to seeing the displays in action at the start of the 2017-2018 season.”

Four auxiliary displays will be installed in the corners of FedExForum to bring additional visibility to video, replays and other information that fans crave. Each display will measure nearly 20 feet high by 37.5 feet wide and feature 15-millimeter line spacing.

Two 360-degree ribbon displays will be installed along the upper and lower seating fascia and measure 2 feet tall. The upper ribbon will measure 971 long and the lower ribbon will measure 585 feet long. Three tunnel displays, an indoor ticketing display, five scorer’s tables and four basket stanchion displays will also be installed inside the arena to help complement the main displays and provide opportunities to highlight sponsors throughout events.

Outside the facility, a new ticketing display will help event goers enter the venue and a new marquee display will welcome fans and promote upcoming events.

Image courtesy Daktronics. 

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