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LSU Mulling Pete Maravich Assembly Center Overhaul


LSU could decide to renovate the Pete Maravich Assembly Center, addressing areas such as access and premium seating in the project. 

Earlier this week, LSU officials said that architects have completed some preliminary work regarding potential upgrades for the arena. As it stands, the Pete Maravich Assembly Center is already in line for some modifications–including a new video display that is on track to be installed this summer. Down the road, however, LSU would like to complete a far more extensive project that covers several areas of the Pete Maravich Assembly Center

In order to add new premium areas, LSU could opt to reduce the seating capacity of the arena. Work would also address access to the Pete Maravich Center, as ramps to the building’s entrance would be removed and a new lobby would be constructed

There is plenty of planning that still needs to take place, but LSU officials are expressing their desire for a project of some kind. More from The Advocate:

Athletic director Joe Alleva told the crowd Monday that he would like to raze the two ramps, replacing them, potentially, with escalators and constructing a “nice lobby in the front of the building.”

On the inside, officials are hoping to remove seating, possibly decreasing the 13,215 capacity, in order to add club or suite levels, Alleva and [deputy director of athletics Eddie] Nunez said.

“It has to be modernized,” Alleva said of the PMAC. “I’d like to build a club level at the PMAC. Just like in football and baseball we have club areas. We need a club area in the PMAC. Those will be plans we’re laying out here in the near future I hope.”

The location of the club level is uncertain, Nunez said. The most illogical would be on the floor level because that would remove too many seats, he said. The ideal location is on the second or third (top) tier of the arena.

The Pete Maravich Assembly Center originally opened in 1972.

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