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Players to NBA: We’re done

NBANegotiations between the NBA and the players union apparently have completely collapsed, with the players informing the NBA of their intent to dissolve the union and challenge the lockout in court.

The union rejected a proposal from the league to roll back the split of basketball-related income to 50-50, down from the 57-43 currently in place, or a sliding scale based on actual revenues. The union also proposed several changes to the salary cap.

Reports USA Today:

The National Basketball Players Association, saying the collective bargaining process has “completely broken down,” served notice to the NBA on Monday that they plan to dissolve and pursue antitrust lawsuits against the league for the 137-day lockout.

“The players feel they’re not prepared to accept any ultimatum,” NBPA executive director Billy Hunter said. “We think it’s extremely unfair to give (players the ultimatum) that they accept (the owners’) proposal or roll back to 47%” from a 50-50 split of basketball-related income.

The offer was rejected this morning unanimously by a vote of all 30 player reps.

USA Today has a rundown of all the proposed changes from the NBA. Basically, the NBA wants to scale back revenue sharing and instituting a more stringent luxury tax; in exchange, there would be more money for midlevel exemptions and a higher minimum payroll.

The rejection puts the 2011-2012 season in serious doubt. It was already apparent a shortened season was in order, but Commissioner David Stern says a 72-game season hinged on coming to an agreement this past weekend.

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