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Happy holidays! NBA season to launch on Chrismas Day

The NBA owners will end the lockout, as a 66-game campaign is set to start on Christmas Day after owners and players agreed on a 10-year deal to save the 2011-2012 season. It will be the second-shortest season in NBA history. In the end, the owners got almost everything they wanted: a more balanced basketball-revenue […]

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Players to NBA: We’re done

Negotiations between the NBA and the players union apparently have completely collapsed, with the players informing the NBA of their intent to dissolve the union and challenge the lockout in court. The union rejected a proposal from the league to roll back the split of basketball-related income to 50-50, down from the 57-43 currently in […]

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Hidden casualties of the NBA lockout

As the NBA lockout continues with players and owners sparring over revenues, we’re seeing the real victims of the spat: local businesses missing out on game-day action. Every NBA arena has nearby businesses — bars, restaurants, retail outlets — that rely on gameday traffic to boost sales; in this economy, that extra 15 percent in […]

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NBA scraps first two weeks of the season

Bad news for the arena economy: the National Basketball Association has scrapped the first two weeks of the season after owners failed to reach agreement on a new contract with the players union. Over 13 hours of negotiations over the past two days failed to yield an agreement. Owners are seeking to split basketball-related revenues […]

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NBA lockout could disrupt arena industry

If NBA owners impose a player lockout at the end of the season, it could throw the arena industry into turmoil — but it could also draw some unexpected artists on the road for new arena tours. In Orlando, bookers at Amway Center will wait until August 1 to issue a final fall schedule, giving […]

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Kings: From boom to bust

At one time the Sacramento Kings (NBA) was a high-flying franchise, with a large payroll and crammed crowds at Arco Arena. Today, the team is on the verge of a move after suffering through troubled times in a small market. What happened? The recession and a league with very limited revenue sharing. There are plenty […]

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