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Big Sandy to install ice — but no rink equipment

Huntington BlizzardThe buzz in minor-league hockey circles has been the impending installation of new ice equipment at Huntington’s Big Sandy Superstore Arena. It apparently is on the way — but the budget doesn’t allow for the boards or glass needed to support hockey.

The Huntington City Council will be spending $3.8 million on upgrades to the arena, including new seating, a new boiler, a new outdoor plaza, new ice-making equipment and more. That’s a serious upgrade to the arena.

There was also hope at one point that the renovations would include new rink equipment, and the city was apparently approached in November by a potential team owner. That led nowhere, and in the meantime the City Council went ahead with a plan that did not include rink equipment. Not that it couldn’t be added later if a team owner was serious about bringing hockey back to the city.

For those keeping score at home: The Huntington Blizzard (ECHL) played at Big Sandy in 1999-2000. That team is now the Ontario Reign franchise.

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