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Katz: I will spend $100 million on new downtown arena

Edmonton Oilers Alt LogoDaryl Katz has shifted positions once again on his potential contribution to a new downtown arena for the Edmonton Oilers, saying he would contribute $100 million directly to arena construction costs, not to fund an adjoining entertainment district.

Katz has shifted his position on the ultimate destination of his financial contribution twice already. When he first proposed a new downtown arena, he said the Oilers would be willing to spend $100 million directly on the arena. Then he “clarified” his position and said the $100 million would be better spent on building an entertainment district right next to the arena.

The move back to a pure arena contribution surely must be pleasing to Edmonton officials more than a little peeved when he changed positions.

The Edmonton City Council is slated to discuss the arena proposal on July 21.

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