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New league rises from Arena Football League, af2 castoffs

The new circuit is expected to include two former Arena Football League teams as well as many AF2 teams and new franchises.

A new league is rising from the ashes of the defunct Arena Football League, as several former AFL franchises are banding together for af2 teams and new franchise in a new Tulsa-based circuit made up of two tiers.

We're talking about a less-ambitious circuit than we saw with the AFL, where celebrity owners like Jon Bon Jovi and Ron Jaworski added luster to an economically limited proposition. Indeed, the top tier of the new league will include the old Orlando Predators and (surprisingly) the Arizona Rattlers, as well as teams based in Spokane, Milwaukee, Tulsa, Salt Lake City and Des Moines. Other former af2 teams will play in Tier 2 of the league.

Still, be warned that this is not a successor league. Many former AFL teams, like the Grand Rapids Rampage, say they're working on a 2011 return of the league and are not participating in this effort.

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