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Oilers, Flames still grappling with arena issues

The Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames, who play in two of the oldest arenas in the NHL, don’t seem to be very close to any new arena plans.
Rexall Place and Pengrowth Saddledome are two of the oldest and smallest arenas in the NHL, and the management of the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames, respectively, have spoken longingly of new facilities. Indeed, plans have been draw up, and initial efforts have been made.

For naught, apparently; there just doesn’t seem to be any political will in either city to move ahead with a new arena.

That could change, however. As Canadian officials grapple with an economic slowdown, they’re looking at public-works projects to stimulate things. And what better form of a large-scale public-works project can there be than a new $500-million arena? Ironically, the bad economy may end up being really good news for both teams.

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