Top Menu update #2: Two new Just Walk Out locations

More Arena news for the 2022-2023 NBA/NHL seasons: Arena visitors will have access to two new grab-and-go locations powered by Amazon’s frictionless Just Walk Out technology.

Implementing grab-and-go locations is pretty mandatory these days in any new or newly renovated arenas, so a debut during the first round of Arena renovations is to be expected. In this case, fans will have the opportunity to take what they want without having to stop to check out while shopping at the Bud Light Seltzer Market and the Michelob Ultra Market, located on the main concourse between sections 105 and 108.

To enter the stores, guests simply insert their credit card at the entry gates and start shopping. As they select food and beverages, Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology determines what they take from or return to the shelves. After they exit, the credit card they inserted at the entry gate will be charged for the items they took. The Just Walk Out technology-enabled locations will sell beer, wine, seltzers, ready-to-drink cocktails, soft drinks, coffee, water and other select food and beverage items. Guests purchasing alcohol will be required to show their ID to a store attendant for age verification. 

“We’re incredibly excited to collaborate with Amazon and Levy Restaurants to welcome Just Walk Out technology to Arena,” said Lee Zeidman, President, Arena, via press release. “We’re sure fans will appreciate this simple, safe and quick experience.”

“ Arena has been an incredible partner for years, and since the beginning we’ve shared the vision of a venue that continuously raises the bar for world-class hospitality,” said Andy Lansing, CEO of Levy, via press release. “Today, ‘world-class’ means creating opportunities for fans to completely control their experience. That is exactly the reason these checkout-free experiences are so powerful. They take lines out of the equation and give fans the ability to access food and beverage on their own terms.”

“Los Angeles fans who visit the iconic Arena are accustomed to being treated to the finest entertainment experience imaginable, and we’re proud to elevate that experience with the opening of new stores powered by Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology,” said Dilip Kumar, Vice President, AWS Applications, via press release. “Our technology enables fast and frictionless shopping, so we’re excited to help fans in Arena get their refreshments quickly and get right back to the action.”

Photo courtesy Amazon.

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