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Despite On-Court Woes, Knicks Still a Hot Ticket at Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden Chase Bridges

Despite recent disappointing seasons on the court, the New York Knicks remain one of the hottest tickets in the NBA, with a 95 percent season-ticket renewal rate for Madison Square Garden games.

The rebuilding Knicks did see an attendance decline in the 2018-2019 NBA season, finishing ninth in the NBA with a per-game average of 19,002. The team posted a horrendous record (17-65) and then suffered another setback in the NBA Draft Lottery, earning the third choice in a draft where Zion Williamson went with the top pick.

Still, for the Knicks, the renewal rate is good news. Two years ago the renewal rate was just 89 percent, but last season the renewal rate was also 95 percent. Despite the poor record in 2018-2019, there’s still something about the Knicks at the Garden and how fans still look forward to the experience. From the New York Post: “Last week, Kevin Knox, their 2018 lottery pick, cited the full Garden crowds, saying, ‘We didn’t have the best season, but fans still came to the games, screaming and yelling. You have that support all the time. That’s what I talk about all the time — electric every single night.'”