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CSU Taps Into Alcohol Sales, Social Spaces at Moby Arena

Moby Arena

Colorado State University is shaking up the fan experience at Moby Arena, where the new Moby Loft is providing a space for alcohol sales and consumption. 

In November, CSU began construction on Moby Loft—a new deck where alcohol can be purchased and consumed. While representing a notable addition to Moby Arena’s fan amenities, the space also provides an example of CSU’s strategy to tap into distinct trends in college sports facilities. Fans will be able to purchase alcohol in this space that is not available elsewhere in the arena, including beer and wine. Alcohol consumption will be limited to this space as part of that policy, but the standing room area will provide a space for fans to view the action taking place in the arena while enjoying their beverages.

While providing a new area for alcohol sales and consumption, Moby Loft also gives Moby Arena the type of social-space setting that is becoming more common place at college and professional sports facilities. Often in arenas, social spaces are created when previously existing but underutilized spaces—sometimes sections of seating—are converted to serve a new purpose. In this case, CSU created Moby Loft by removing bleacher seats for 600 spectators on the arena’s west side and putting the new area in their place.

The university’s liquor license was approved last Thursday, clearing the way for Moby Loft to make its debut. More from The Coloradoan:

School officials opened the new area on the arena’s west concourse for the first time Saturday, when the women’s basketball team faced Utah State.

The women’s basketball team plays again at 7 p.m. Wednesday against Nevada, and the men’s team hosts Fresno State at 2 p.m. Saturday.

The area has been cordoned off from the general seating area below and can accommodate 300 to 350 fans at a time. All beer and wine purchased in the Moby Loft must also be consumed there.

The loft area will be open to all fans at first, with possible limitations for more popular games, CSU athletic director Joe Parker said. Only fans with an add-on membership are permitted on the New Belgium Porch at Canvas Stadium during CSU football games, but beer is available throughout the stadium.

CSU has a successful track record of implementing similar spaces in its facilities, as football’s Canvas Stadium includes the successful New Belgium Porch—which uses a season membership model and can be booked for special events. Though built to a much larger scale than Moby Loft—New Belgium Porch has a capacity of 1,200, according to CSU’s website—it could serve as something of a model for the new space.

Moby Loft will be open for home basketball games, both men’s and women’s, plus volleyball contests.

Image of Moby Arena courtesy Colorado State University.

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