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UC San Diego’s RIMAC Arena Renovation Underway

UC San Diego

With a move up to Division I basketball on the horizion, UC San Diego is embarking on a RIMAC Arena renovation project. 

Work at RIMAC Arena began in June, and is expected to affect several aspects of the facility. Upgraded suites and video displays are on the way, as are improvements to the seating.

UC San Diego will not move up to NCAA Division I basketball until 2020. However, the ongoing improvements–which could wrap up by the start of volleyball season in September–should immediately lead to a modernized experience for fans and players alike. More from

New seats, suite boxes, and a big-screen TV are part of an NCAA Division I makeover for UC San Diego’s RIMAC Arena. Athletic department staff are hoping renovations increase student and alumni engagement in sports.

The upgrade includes tripling the size of suite boxes.

“We’ll be having a lot of our functions (in the suites) with alumni and others,” said UCSD’s Director of Athletics Earl Edwards. “Between the new facility, the scoreboard, the reception area — alumni will look forward to coming to UC San Diego basketball and volleyball contests.”

In addition, UC San Diego is expected to eventually begin improvements to training facilities. RIMAC Arena–part of the university’s Recreation, Intramural, and Athletic Complex–originally opened in 1995.

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