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Bell MTS Place Unveils Latest Upgrades

Bell MTS Place renovated concourse

Bell MTS Place has undergone a round of upgrades, and those new features are being shown off in advance of the Winnipeg Jets‘ 2017-18 regular season slate. 

Over the NHL offseason, Bell MTS Place received a variety of changes that were aimed at improving the concourses. The end result is a different look and feel from the past, as the concourses received upgraded flooring, lighting, and signage, along with new television screens, drink rails, and points of sale.

The renovations amounted to a nearly $14 million investment that, according to Kevin Donnelly, the senior vice-president of venues and entertainment for True North Sports and Entertainment, should enhance the fan experience and align with the Jets’ identity. More from CBC News:

“It speaks to Jets’ fans and it speaks to the whole Jet experience,” said Donnelly during a tour of the building Monday.

The work has also seen an extra 150 television screens added — bringing the total number of televisions to 430 in the concourse — and new drink rails and seating added to the outer walls of the space.

It’s hoped the new railing and seats will encourage patrons to move to the outer edge of the concourse, as part of an overall effort to better improve the flow of the concourse level for fans, says Donnelly.

“The flow of the audience can move around more effectively,” he said.”We’ve tried to address the entire patron experience and bring it to a whole new level.”

The arena has also received a slight name change in recent months, as it became Bell MTS Place in May after previously being branded as the MTS Centre. The Jets hosted the Minnesota Wild in a preseason game at Bell MTS Place on Monday, and their regular season opener at the venue is scheduled for October 4.

Image courtesy Bell MTS Place. 

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