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Bridgestone Arena Upgrades Unveiled for Upcoming NHL Season

Nashville Predators locker room

Bridgestone Arena upgrades are announced in advance of the 2017-18 NHL season, as the Nashville Predators are moving forward with renovations to fan and player amenities.

With the new season just months away, the Bridgestone Arena upgrades are covering a wide array of changes. A new hospitality space will be constructed adjacent to the Lexus Lounge, while some concession upgrades— including a new grab-and-go area, frozen drink bar, and expanded concession/bar space—will take place on the 300 level. This is just a taste of potential changes to the arena, as the Predators are also floating bigger changes for the facility as well as the surrounding area: downtown Nashville is a boom town, and the Predators want to be part of that growth.

Perhaps for the Predators, however, the main highlight will be an overhaul to the locker room. Paid for by the team, the locker room renovation signifies the first major update to the space in several years, and improved technology for players and coaches is a particular point of emphasis in the project. More from The Tennessean:

The team’s front office unveiled renderings of the updated locker room look at a Metro Nashville Sports Authority meeting Thursday. It marks the first update to Bridgestone Arena’s locker rooms since 2010.

Renovations, a two-year project that began this summer at the city-owned arena, include new LED ribbon boards that will allow shots of players to be played above their lockers, a digital white board for coaches, and a more clean, curved look than the past.

“It’s a much more team unified room,” said Kyle Clayton, the Predators’ senior director of operations. “It’s just updating where we were in 2010.”

The Predators are slated to play their first preseason games at Bridgestone Arena on September 19, with their regular season home opener scheduled for October 10.

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