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Syracuse AD: We’re Looking at Options for Carrier Dome

In response to questions about a potential overhaul to the Carrier DomeSyracuse University athletic director John Wildhack indicated that the school continues to consider its options. 

Over the last several years, it has been reported that Syracuse may look to complete a major overhaul to the Carrier Dome. A project that could take place in the coming years concerns the roof, which will likely have to be replaced some time during the stretch from 2019-2024.

One of the possibilities that has been reported in the past is the Syracuse could install a new roof over the Carrier Dome, while completing interior upgrades to fan amenities such as seating. To this point, however, Syracuse has not finalized the renovations.

During an event last week, Wildhack took questions from fans on the future of the Carrier Dome. He emphasized that the school is considering its options for upgrading the roof and fan amenities, but noted the complexities of trying to complete a renovation. More from

“We’re looking at a variety of options for the Dome,” Wildhack said. “We are deep in the due diligence phase. It’s an incredibly complex project and what makes it that way is it’s home to five of our sports. … and other university functions. We don’t want to disrupt any of the seasons for any of those five sports. We’re looking at a variety of models. … As far as what kind of roof it is, I’m going to leave that to the construction experts because the last thing I am is a construction expert.”

Wildhack was also asked about the possibility of seat backs replacing its traditional bench seating.

“I know it’s a priority for our fans based on the feedback I’ve received,” Wildhack said. “Along with air conditioning. When we played on a steamy Friday night last year, my inbox was full on Saturday. Fan amenities are a cornerstone of what we need to do when we renovate the Dome. … Every meeting I’ve been in that’s been the discussion, how do we upgrade the fan experience?”

As Wildhack noted, the Carrier Dome is a very active facility, hosting multiple sports–including men’s and women’s basketball, as well as football. The Carrier Dome originally opened in 1980, and currently uses a teflon-coated, fiberglass fabric inflatable roof.

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