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Cost of Dickies Arena Now Estimated at $540M

Dickies Arena

The price tag of Dickies Arena has increased to $540 million, but the additional cost is not expected to be covered by public funds. 

Slated for Fort Worth, Dickies Arena is set to host numerous major events in the city once it opens. It has even caught the attention of the NCAA, which has already lined up several future events at the venue, including first and second round action of the 2022 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

The original price for the venue was expected to be $450 million, a sum that would be split by the City of Fort Worth and the private Event Facilities Fort Worth. However, it was recently revealed that the price tag will be $90 million higher than anticipated–making the new cost $540 million.

Event Facilities Fort Worth is expected to cover the additional cost, something that was revealed on Tuesday. More from The Star-Telegram:

Event Facilities Fort Worth, the private partner with the city on the project, has signed a construction contract with Beck for a total project cost of $540 million. Initially, the price was estimated at $450 million, of which the two sides agreed to split. Event Facilities, headed by Fort Worth financier Ed Bass, said it would bear any additional costs.

The council learned Tuesday of the $90 million increase.

“This is philanthropic gift to the citizens of Fort Worth that we’re very grateful for,” said Susan Alanis, an assistant city manager. “We got a pretty good deal for our $225 million.”

The city will use a series of three new taxes that will be charged at events — including the Fort Worth Stock Show — at Will Rogers to help pay the city’s portion of the arena, which is expected to open in November 2019.

Ground was broken for Dickies Arena in April.

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