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Bridgestone Arena’s Future Addressed in Report

To remain a viable facility for the long term, Bridgestone Arena will require some capital improvements, according to a newly-released report. 

On Thursday, the Venue Solutions Group presented a report on two major Nashville facilities–the Nashville Predators‘ Bridgestone Arena, and Nissan Stadium, the home of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. Findings showed that the combined investment in capital improvements at two the facilities over a 20-year period would amount to about $477 million, with $293.2 million of that amount going to Nissan Stadium. (Our sister site, Football Stadium Digest, has more on that portion of the study.)

When it comes Bridgestone Arena, where the Predators’ current lease does not expire until 2028, there is a unique set of findings. In order for it to be a viable venue over the long, the arena will need $183.4 million in investment over a 20-year time frame. The report concluded that Bridgestone Arena is sound in terms of architecture, but will still require upgrades in areas such as technology and infrastructure. More from The Tennessean:

Bridgestone Arena, which cost $144 million to build, receives considerably more frequent use than Nissan Stadium and is near the midpoint of what is usually considered the useful life of an arena, according to consultants.

The report says that in terms of architecture, the building is in “very good condition generally, and shows evidence of being well maintained during its lifetime.”

Still, the assessment says the arena’s video displays and video production equipment were last updated in 2008 and are now outdated. The arena’s sound system still relies heavily on aging analogy control and connections.

The assessment also says the arena’s piping is showing signs of corrosion, rust, pitting and scaling, and as a result should be considered for a complete replacement over the next five to seven years.

Plenty of planning will need to be completed by Nashville Metro and Metro Sports Authority, as well as the teams, when it comes to mapping out long-term investment in the facilities. The Predators have previously floated a large-scale overhaul to Bridgestone Arena, rolling out a proposal last that year that included an on-site hotel, expanded concourse, rooftop patio, and many other amenities.

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