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NBA Exploring G-League Sponsorship Deal for D-League

NBA D-LeagueThe NBA Development League — the D-League — could be rebranded as the G-League in a move under discussion, as Gatorade would become the title sponsor of the minor-league basketball circuit.

The deal is far from final, reports Ad Age, but they are advanced enough for the branding to be discussed outside league offices. The NBA has been seeking a title sponsor for the D-League for years. From Ad Age:

The NBA has shown a willingness to get aggressive with its corporate sponsorship deals. The league in April approved the sale of on-jersey advertising for its major league in the form of small patches starting with the 2017-18 season, as part of a three-year pilot program.

The issue is whether fans will be interested in following a league that’s so aggressively sponsored. We do like to think the product on the court is a little above the financial considerations on the scoreboards and with the promotions. But, then again, Nascar remains a very popular sport despite commercialization that makes the G-League sponsorship look tame.

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