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Augusta Close to Selecting New Arena Site

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Augusta, GA is expected to choose the site for a proposed arena in the coming weeks, which would mark a major step in the effort to replace James Brown Arena

Citing the potential to attract major high-profile acts, the Augusta-Richmond County Coliseum Authority and other entities have been engaged in talks for a new arena. To this point, it has been known that officials are vying to build a new venue in or close to downtown Augusta.

While no word has emerged on where the arena will be built, it was reported after a meeting this week that the new location could be voted on within the next two weeks. The current site of James Brown Arena and the adjacent parking lot have been ruled out, but officials did not offer any other specifics on which location they could select. More from The Augusta Chronicle:

Authority members have said they won’t build on the existing site or its parking lot to avoid revenue lost during construction. The two parcels between Sixth and Eighth streets cover about 17 acres.

Site criteria included in the presentation were a dozen factors weighing between six and 10 points. The top three criteria, according to a chart, are site and location, the ability to promote economic opportunities and cost.

The coliseum authority took no vote on the location in open session Tuesday. Johnson said the body would be prepared to do so within two weeks.

Discussions reportedly centered around five sites. Beyond the site selection, some questions will remain about the proposed arena, including the funding model, which has not been resolved. James Brown Arena first opened in 1980.

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