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Rogers Place Opens for Fan Tours

Rogers Place

Fans in Edmonton were given a sneak peak of Rogers Place over the weekend, as the new home of the Edmonton Oilers was opened for tours. 

Set to be the only NHL team to open a new arena this season, the Oilers have spent the last few weeks prepping Rogers Place. The team received the keys to the venue in late August, giving the arena’s staff time to prepare for some of the venue’s major events, including a Keith Urban concern that is scheduled for September 16.

Before the headline acts hit the arena, however, the Oilers wanted to give fans a look at Rogers Place. Admission for Saturday’s tour was free, and it was estimated to have drawn close to 60,000. As captured by the Edmonton Journal, many responded positively to the new venue:

Three-year-old Sophia doesn’t have a choice about becoming an Oilers fan, according to her father Stephen Cuyos.

“Our daughter doesn’t understand everything today, but she’ll be proud she was here on opening day,” he said. “We wanted to be part of the history of the opening of this place.”

He added that, of course, Connor McDavid is his favourite player.

“This is a wonderful place,” he said, adding that he was struck by the state-of-the-art technology in the building. “I’m so proud the city is able to welcome people into this place warmly.”

The Oilers’ first regular season game at the arena is scheduled for October 12, when they take on the Calgary Flames.

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