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New Moncton Arena Already Drawing Interest

Moncton Wildcats

If recent developments are any indication, the Moncton Downtown Events Centre will be met with a positive reception upon its opening. 

Slated to open in 2018, the Moncton Downtown Events Centre is expected to serve as home of Moncton Wildcats and host other area events. Though construction is still in its early phases, officials say there are already signs of a positive return on investment in the New Brunswick city.

Bookings for the arena are already taking place. Perhaps more noticeably, however, is that development is increasing in downtown Moncton. More from CTV Atlantic News:

Now that the arena is starting to take shape, other investments in the downtown linked to the facility are pouring in.

“We’ve seen development projects come to life,” says City of Moncton spokesperson Isabelle LeBlanc. “Thus far we’ve got $50-million in development projects in and around the facility with more to come in the downtown area.”

SMG Canada will be running the facility. They manage more than 65 arenas around the world, and with that experience, comes a long list of contacts.

“It will enable us to attract acts like Cirque du Soleil, like we’ve talked about for so many years that have seemed to bypass us,” says LeBlanc. “We’re getting interest now into 2021 already.”

Another positive: CTV reported that the arena’s construction is coming in both on time and on budget. The total project is estimated to cost around $100 million.

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