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12 Names Selected for Laval Voting

Montreal CanadiensWhen Montreal Canadiens AHL franchise takes the ice in Laval for the 2017-2018 season, it will play under one of a dozen names.

The Canadiens have revealed finalists for a name the team contest for the franchise, which will relocate from St. John’s. Entries for the new name were accepted earlier this month, and the Canadiens will now allow fans to choose from one of 12 names in the preliminary round.

All 12 candidates are listed below:

The Laval 66
As a tribute to Mario Lemieux, who sported the colors of the Laval Voisins from 1981 to 1984. Considered to be one of greatest players of all time, and rightfully so, Lemieux made sports history in Laval by registering 562 points in 200 games in a Voisins uniform. He established many QMJHL records that have yet to be matched.

The Laval Alpha
The first letter of the Greek alphabet, Alpha is often used to designate the first element of a group and also refers to elite things. In the Animal Kingdom, it is used to identify the male or female head of the group. The future team in Laval will certainly be inspired by it to dominate their opponents.

The Laval A’s
As a tribute to builder George Kennedy, who in 1910 acquired the team from founder Ambrose O’Brien. Kennedy renamed the team the Club Athletique Canadien, associating it with his sports and recreation club of the same name.

The Laval Blizzard
A strong wind originating from the north, the term blizzard signifies speed, power and intensity. It’s a name that will inspire players to give everything they’ve got and push everything in front of them aside on their journey.

The Laval Cosmos
Gravitating within the Canadiens’ universe, the Laval Cosmos will be tasked with exploring the up-and-coming talents in the organization and developing their future stars. The nickname also gives a nod to Laval’s Cosmodome, the famous science museum and local institution that dates back to 1994.

The Laval Lynx
An inhabitant of the Boreal Forest Region, a lynx is a predator that is ready to do anything to defend its territory. It symbolizes speed, agility and precision.

The Laval Metros (METS)
Short for Metropolitans, the term symbolizes the important place that Laval holds in the large-scale agglomeration that includes the urban regions of Montreal, Laval and the North and South Shore.

The Laval Patriots
Capable of bringing people together, determined and combative, the Patriots don’t back down from anyone. The historical reference associated with a patriot inspires determination and courage.

The Laval Rapids
Laval is a municipality surrounded by water sparsely featuring rapids. Its name originates from the municipality within which the Place Bell is situated – Laval-des-Rapides. In that regard, the term establishes a direct link to the city, but also refers to an essential quality in hockey players, particularly in the contemporary game.

The Laval Rocket
The name “Rocket” is ingrained in Quebecers’ collective imagination and the province’s culture because of what legendary player Maurice Richard managed to accomplish over the course of his career. He is a true icon in the history of the Montreal Canadiens. Young hopefuls will only be inspired by his spirit and his intensity when they put on the uniform.

The Laval Saints
A tribute to the first junior team that called Laval home between 1963 and 1970, first as a member of the Metropolitan Hockey League, then in the QMJHL. The name also makes a historical reference to the City of Laval, founded by the Jesuits in the 17th century. It evokes memories of one of the nicknames attributed to the Canadiens, the Sainte-Flanelle!

The Laval Titan
The name “Titan” still resonates in the collective hearts of Laval residents. Symbolizing strength and power, this legendary name is associated with Greek mythology. Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien learned the ropes with the Laval Titan in the ‘90s, and many former Habs also suited up for the club, including Francis Bouillon, Patrice Brisebois, Donald Audette, Gino Odjick, Sylvain Lefebvre and Vincent Damphousse.

Voting for the preliminary round is underway, and ends on August 8.

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