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WHL Considering New Alberta Arena


The Western Hockey League is expressing interest in placing a team at a new arena in the County of Vermilion River, Alberta.

One of the anchor attractions in the upcoming Frog Lake First Nation entertainment complex is a new arena. With a planned capacity of 7,500, it has been touted as a possible home for a WHL franchise.

The interest looks to be mutual. WHL commissioner Ron Robison has confirmed that he had meetings with local officials concerning the arena and that the league is intrigued by the possibility of setting up shop in the area.

What is unknown at this point is whether the arena would an attract an expansion or relocating WHL franchise. Robison downplayed talk of an immediate move, but with no expansion teams on the horizon, the league has to consider all options. More from

Robison explained how currently, they were not entertaining dissuasions around relocation.

However, he noted how this may be the only option to move a team to the complex, as they do not, “envision any future expansion.”

“In the event, there was a need for relocation, then we would consider that,” he said.

“But if the facility, was created, and there was a facility available to us, then it would be of interest if there was a new team looking at various options to relocate.”

The exact location of the development is just west of the City of Lloydminster. Spanning 140 acres, the complex will also include a casino, hotel, conference center, visitor center, and outdoor plazas and green space. The total cost is expected to be around $100,000,000.

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