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Las Vegas NHL Name a Few Months Away

National Hockey League

From the looks of it, it will be a few months before the branding for the NHL’s expansion team in Las Vegas is announced. 

One of the more eagerly anticipated aspects of expansion teams is the reveal of the name, colors, and uniforms that shape the franchise’s early years. That is certainly the case in Las Vegas, as the potential name has prompted much discussion in the weeks since the franchise was announced.

As the team considers its option, it hopes to have the full branding in place in September. That was what the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported after talking to Murray Craven, a hockey advisor to owner Bill Foley:

“We’re exchanging names and ideas with the NHL and they’ve come back with names for us,” Craven said. “They’ve been great to us, as has adidas, who have some great ideas for uniform designs.

“But ultimately, it’s going to be Bill’s call what the name will be.”

Craven said if you hold a name, trademark, copyright or a domain name and are interested in selling it to Foley, don’t bother.

“Someone wanted $50,000 for the name ‘Desert Turtles,’” Craven said. “Somehow, I don’t see us calling ourselves the Las Vegas Desert Turtles.”

Rolling out the complete branding in one announcement is a likely step, as it would generate the most buzz. And a September reveal would give the team a solid year to sell merchandise before it takes the ice.

In the meantime, the name of the Las Vegas franchise will be the subject of much speculation. The Review-Journal reports that Foley and his group own the rights to Silver Knights, and that the rights to two previous Las Vegas minor league names–Wranglers and Thunder–held owned by other individuals entities. The owners of those respective monikers, ECHL for the Wranglers and Ken Stickney for the Thunder, say that they have not approached by the NHL squad.

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