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New $180M arena pitched for downtown El Paso

Fresh off construction of a new downtown ballpark, El Paso officials are pitching a new $180-million arena downtown, as well as new cultural offerings.

Destination El Paso has been working with HKS on a master plan for the arena, a children’s museum and Hispanic cultural center. Much of the work to date has centered on the cultural center, which could be located at the existing Lincoln Center. City officials say the 100-year-old building is in jeopardy due to state highway development. A new arena would come several years down the line, per the El Paso Times:

“I want to see something that can generate further growth and include a residential component that will truly sustain a vibrant Downtown,” said El Paso native Peter Svarzbein, owner of the Purple Pop-up Gallery Downtown.

Specific locations for the arena weren’t identified either, but much of the presentation focused on having it Downtown surrounded by other developments, including residential and retail.

“What we’re trying to do is create a new vibrancy in our city,” said David Alvidrez, of Alvidrez Architects. There’s a lot happening already and we’re just looking to build on that.”