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Edmonton on verge of arena deal?

Edmonton OilersAfter years and years of talk and study, the Edmonton Oilers (NHL) are pushing the city to finally get an arena deal done by Halloween.

The $450-million arena deal is amazingly similar to what was originally pitched years ago: the Oilers will put up $100 million toward arena construction and put money into downtown redevelopment. There’s still one big hole in the funding formula: $100 million was sought from the province, but nothing has materialized.

Opponents of the new arena say this hole, as well as the lack of any deal with Northlands over the future of Rexall Place, should be grounds for yet more discussions and deliberations. Maybe, but with this arena deal fundamentally unchanged for years now, an impending deadline would force folks to make the really hard decisions and either move ahead with a new arena or tell owner Daryl Katz it’s time for him to evaluate the team’s future in Edmonton. Katz has been a lot more patient over this arena deal than most owners would be, but that’s apparently not winning him any points with city leaders.

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