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And the winner is…Manitoba Moose

Manitoba Moose{jathumbnail off}

If the NHL does indeed return to Winnipeg under True North Sports & Entertainment ownership, the name of the team won’t be a return to the beloved Winnipeg Jets moniker — it will be under the name of the Manitoba Moose, we’re told.

The name of the team has been leaked to several news sources, including the Winnipeg Sun.

Not a surprise, really: True North has spent a lot on establishing the brand, and it’s a darned good one. It’s unique, it stands out, and it gives the owners what should be a solid seller. Besides, True North can have a retro night at the arena and sport Winnipeg Jets jerseys any time they want — we’d be very surprised if that legacy weren’t recognized in multiple ways.

Still, the leaking was a little surprising, if only for the timing: we’re not sure there will be a team moving to Winnipeg any time soon. Still, with the Phoenix Coyotes situation unresolved, you never know what’s going to happen.

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