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Maloof: We’re not looking at move to Seattle

Seattle SupersonicsA meeting between Sacramento Kings owner George Maloof and former Seattle Sonics GM Wally Walker had tongues wagging about a possible move of the Kings to the Key City, but Maloof says nothing is afoot.

Perhaps, but we’re not so sure. The topic of the meeting was the difficulties the final Sonics owners had in procuring financing for a new arena. The lack of a new arena wasn’t why the Sonics left town: an erosion in the fan base and an ill-advised renovation of Key Arena, plus a rather generous offer from the current Oklahoma City ownership, was more at play.

Still, there’s probably little Maloof could gleam from the meeting in terms of applying to his own situation. And asking about the prospects of a new arena in Seattle — as he reportedly did — surely indicates some level of interest in the Seattle market. Are the Maloofs moving the Kings? Not now. Are they exploring their options? Certainly.

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