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Generals to submit financial information to arena management

Fint Generals owner Brandon Bordeaux has been asked to submit detailed financial information about his team in anticipation of a new Perani Arena lease.

Bordeaux told the local newspaper he didn’t see any problems submitting detailed information to Stanford Insurance Co., owner of the arena after a foreclosure.

Of course, some of the financial information may be a little speculative: right now the team doesn’t necessarily have a league, with the IHL joining forces with the CHL in a configuration still to be determined. We’re guessing the dues structure for each league is different as well.

It’s possible two teams will be playing at Perani Arena next season, though we heard that’s not likely: If the Generals do end up with a lease, we hear the outfit wanting to bring in NAHL hockey will likely look for a new locale. Flint doesn’t seem to be like the kind of town to support two hockey teams; part of the problem, of course, is that in the past it couldn’t support one.

A decision about the Generals’ future could come before the end of the week.

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