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Jazz season-ticket holders sue over new policies

Keeping season tickets in the families of Utah Jazz fans is a big deal, but a move by the team to expand that right to everyone is causing a legal backlash.

Previously, only those holding season tickets to the Jazz 100 Club could bequeath or sell their season tickets. Season tickets are a hot deal at EnergySolutions Arena, and this exclusivity drastically drove up the value of the Jazz 100 Club tickets.

The Jazz, however, decided to extend those same rights to all season tickets, probably out of some notion of fairness. That drove down the value of the Jazz 100 Club tickets from $200,000 to $20,000 per ducat. In response, many of the Jazz 100 Club ticketholders sued.

Now, it’s not quite sure under what legal theory the Jazz 100 Club members are suing: telling a court you have a guaranteed right to a profit while scalping tickets may not fly on the legal front.

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