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Green Bay sticks with Blizzard name

The new owners of Green Bay's indoor-football team strike a deal to keep the Blizzard name.

The Green Bay Blizzard lives on, as new owner Titletown Football Group, the owners and operators of the Green Bay Indoor Football team, are pleased to announce that the team name will remain the Green Bay Blizzard.

 “Our goal was too keep the Blizzard name,” said Owner and President Jeff Royle. “It took us by surprise when we found out the former ownership group did not own the rights to the team nickname so it took some time to reach a deal to keep the name.”

The purchase gives Titletown Football Group full ownership of all Green Bay Blizzard trademarks and intellectual property associated with the Blizzard name.

The team had held a “Name the Team” contest in December in the event a deal could not be reached to keep the Blizzard name with thousands of entries received. “There have been a lot of changes for this franchise over the last 60 days,” stated Royle. “All the changes have been very exciting and we are looking forward to the best season of indoor football Green Bay has ever seen. The team name will stay the same but fans can expect exciting changes to the design of the uniforms, helmets and merchandise.”

The Blizzard formerly played in AF2 and will play this coming season in the Indoor Football League.

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