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More details emerge on PNC Arena makeover: modern design, entertainment district

PNC Arena

Planning for a PNC Arena makeover continue, as the home of the Carolina Hurricanes (NHL) and the NC State Wolfpack is slated for a modern design and potential accompanying development.

The Centennial Authority, which oversees the arena, was briefed on both potential PNC Arena makeover projects yesterday. No surprise on either, really: a nice, modern design always tells fans there’s a different product offered, and given that you can’t find many new sports projects without an accompanying entertainment district to general additional revenue, adding one to the 80 acres surrounding the arena makes sense.

In 2019, the cost of arena upgrades was pegged at $225 million. That number is likely to be much higher now, given the rising cost of materials and labor, but in theory opening the door to an entertainment district and its associated revenues could bring that number down. From the Raleigh News & Observer:

Michael Day, HOK senior project manager, said, “Time is of the essence” and said costs have risen since 2014. He said beginning work in the summer of 2023 could be a “challenge” because of the design decisions to be made and working around seasons.

“This whole thing is kind of like refitting an airplane while it’s flying,” authority member KIeran Shanahan said during the meeting. “But for the first time the stars seems to be aligning.”

Renovating the arena goes hand-in-hand with a broader vision Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon has for making the property surrounding the arena an entertainment district and destination.

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