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Enmarket Arena opening delayed

New Savannah arena rendering

The opening of Savannah’s Enmarket Arena, originally scheduled for Jan. 13-14, has been delayed a month as the city and manager Oak View Group grapple with supply-chain issues and COVID-19-related delays.

As of now there is no firm date for the opening, though city officials anticipate a delay of just a few weeks. Two events are being postponed from January to February.

“While we are disappointed that we won’t be opening this weekend, we remain committed to bringing top concerts, like the upcoming Eagles, Bon Jovi, and Keith Urban shows, as well as sporting events and family shows to Savannah,” said Peter Luukko, Co-Chairman, Oak View Group Facilities, in a press statement announcing the delay. “Season tickets for the Ghost Pirates are selling at a record pace as people are excited to have a hockey team here in Savannah. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Mayor Johnson and the City of Savannah in making Savannah a premier entertainment destination here in the Southeast.” 

“It is disappointing to have to take a step back and hit the pause button on the opening of Savannah’s new Enmarket Arena after having announced a scheduled opening date late last year,” said Mayor Van R. Johnson, II via press release. “However, that disappointment does not eclipse the necessity of being sure we have a complete, safe facility, with all the necessary inspections in-hand, that is ready to welcome Savannahians for music, laughs and memories in the years to come.”

This is not the first issue facing the arena. Construction on streets surrounding the arena has also been delayed, as well as availability of local parking lots.

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