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Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena Renovations Pitched

Binghamton Devils

Broome County and hockey’s Binghamton Devils (AHL) are plotting future Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena renovations, with the vision of overhauling the venue over multiple phases.

Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena first opened in 1973, and a plan is coming together to address its aging condition. Renovations to the venue would unfold over the coming years in multiple phases, with an initial round of construction to address player facilities for the Devils and create accessible seating options. A more elaborate phase of renovations would come over the second round, while a third set of upgrades could focus on an area outside the arena.

Any construction would unfold over a period of multiple years, so that the arena’s event schedule is not interrupted. The potential renovations are viewed not only as a way to bring Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena in line with AHL standards, but modernize the aging facility for all events. More from the Press & Sun-Bulletin:

Phase 1 has an estimated cost of $6 million and will focus on near-term improvements that would allow the Arena to retain an AHL team and improve access for those with disabilities. It’s expected to take 12-18 months.

The second phase is a transformative project that will span two to four years with a cost of $30 million.

The last phase is a long-term plan to use land south of the Arena for development, if it becomes available.

“From the plans I’ve heard, it will be an unbelievable difference,” [Devils Executive Vice President of Business Operations Tom] Mitchell said. “It might take three of four years, but it’s going to happen in phases. We don’t want to interrupt our schedule. Some of the ideas I’ve heard are spectacular. I was really amazed.”

“The Arena is 46 years old and it’s showing its age. We really need to make improvements to the Arena to bring it into the 21st century,” Broome County Executive Jason Garnar said in a press statement issued by the Devils. “Our team is looking to make investments into the future and this is going to provide a road map that will help us do just that.  We want to make sure that generation after generation continues to enjoy this venue offering everything from hockey games to musical performances.”

Within the arena, technology such as displays and audio systems could be improved, along with food service. The renovations may also yield distinct seating options, including party decks and premium seating.

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