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Reading Royals Assets Purchased by BCCCA

Reading Royals

The assets of the Reading Royals (ECHL) will be purchased by the Berks County Convention Center Authority (BCCCA), a move to keep the team at Reading’s Santander Arena. The BCCCA will make the purchase from Jack Gulati, contingent upon approval of the ECHL Board of Governors. 

The acquisition of assets will take place on or before June 30, 2019 and ensures the Royals will remain in Reading and play at Santander Arena. Previously the BCCCA and SMG co-owned the Royals from 2011-2014, before selling the club to Gulati.

“BCCCA is pleased that we worked out a deal to keep the Royals in Reading where they have played since 2001,” said Mike Ehlerman, Chairman of the BCCCA. “The team is an important part of the framework of Berks County and BCCCA and the Royals will continue to provide the community with an excellent family entertainment option.”

“BCCCA will continue to enhance the experience of fans attending games at Santander Arena,” said Shawn Hackman, Royals President and General Manager. “All Royals fans should be excited about this relationship and the future of the team in Reading. We would like to thank BCCCA and Mr. Gulati for their hard work to keep the Royals at Santander Arena.”

“The ECHL is pleased to see that the Royals will continue to play hockey in Reading and want to wish Royals fans the best,” said ECHL Commissioner Ryan Crelin.

“We are excited about BCCCA’s acquisition of the assets of the Reading Royals professional hockey team and we believe with the BCCCA’s experience and resources behind us, we can look forward to expanding our business and creating an exceptional experience for our fans,” said John Long, Chief Financial Officer for the Reading Royals. “The acquisition will allow the Reading Royals to remain in Reading and continue to build upon their legacy both on the ice and in the community.”

“My sole purpose in purchasing the team in 2014 was to keep it in Reading,” said Gulati. “With this sale, it completes my purpose and my dream to keep the hockey team in Reading. I would like to thank the entire Reading Royals fan base for their passion and support of the team during my time as owner. I know the team will be able to continue to function and operate as a strong part of Berks County at Santander Arena. I would also like to thank the Berks County Convention Center Authority for their strong commitment to keep the Royals in Reading.”

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