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New for 2018-19: Quad City Storm

Quad City Storm logo large

Branding has been unveiled for the Quad City Storm (SPHL), a new club that will begin play at Moline, IL’s TaxSlayer Center this fall. 

Last month, the Southern Professional Hockey League announced that it would add a Quad City team to the circuit for the 2018-19 season. The team is backed by local owners John Dawson and Ryan Mosley, and will fill a void of professional hockey at TaxSlayer Center that was created with the departure of the Quad City Mallards (ECHL).

Additional information about the new club was revealed Thursday, when the Quad City Storm branding was unveiled during an event at the TaxSlayer Center. More from the Quad-City Times:

“Anybody that comes here is now a storm chaser,” team co-owner Ryan Mosley said. “We have a hockey team that we hope has energy on and off the ice, through the community, and if we can continue that through our players and our fans, we want to make this an exciting place to be and funnel all that energy right into here.”

Mosley said nine people submitted the Storm name through the naming contest, one of the top choices.

He declined to list the other choices but did say that a lot of options were variations on the Quad-City Mallards name, which wasn’t an option due to the ECHL owning the trademark on the former franchise.

“We went with the Storm because it’s one of those things that I cannot think of anything else with more energy,” Mosley said.

Prior to the SPHL’s announcement last month, a search had been underway to find a new TaxSlayer Center hockey team to replace the Mallards. The Mallards folded operations after their 2017-18 season.

The Storm’s home opener is scheduled for October 20.

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