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Peterborough Petes Support Arena Plan

Peterborough Petes

The proposal for a new arena in Peterborough, ON now has a key backer, as the Peterborough Petes have come out in favor of the concept.

Last week, the firm Lett Architects presented a plan for the current public work yard site. The proposal for how to redevelop the site included a new arena along with several other amenities, including convention space, lodging, and housing. If the report, which was commissioned by Peterborough mayor Daryl Bennett, comes to fruition, it would offer the Petes of the Ontario Hockey League to obtain a new arena.

Club officials have confirmed that the Petes support the plan, viewing it as a viable replacement for the Peterborough Memorial Centre, which opened in 1956. Petes president Dave Pogue gave the proposal from Lett a positive review, as did Bill Joiner, the chairman of the Peterborough Lakers–a Major Series Lacrosse team that also uses Memorial Centre.

What both officials emphasized, however, is that how to fund the project–which could cost at least $100 million–remains a question. More from The Peterborough Examiner:

“That’s the $100-million question,” Pogue said. “We have to start somewhere and it’s important we start now and people have healthy conversations about it. The more you talk about something like this and the more input you get the higher the chances are you get it right when the time comes.”

“You have to think forward and believe things can happen if enough people want to work to put it together,” Joiner said.

As far as the Petes are concerned the sooner the better.

“I’m not driving this so I don’t know what the timelines are,” Pogue said.

“Usually something of this magnitude is a minimum five-year process. Are these real plans or just a concept at this point? I’m not 100 per cent sure because it’s not us driving it. Realistically – in the facility we’re in – something has to be done in five to seven years. I think that’s a realistic timeline.”

The plan just went public recently, so it will take time sort out the details. Discussions, however, could pick up this year, as the proposed site is set to be cleared at some point in 2017.

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