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Sudbury Wolves: We’re Neutral to Arena Site

Sudbury Wolves

Sudbury Wolves owner Dario Zulich has spoken out about the city’s pursuit for a new arena, stating that the Wolves will play at any location.

Zulich’s recent purchase of the Wolves was notable in how it could shape the team’s pursuit of a new venue. One of the most prominent concepts that has been floated in Sudbury is the True North Strong Event Centre, an arena and adjacent development complex that is proposed for a location along The Kingsway. Among its most prominent backers has been Zulich, who was linked to the True North Strong Group that had pitched the concept to Sudbury.

This has led many to believe that Zulich purchased the team, in part, to firmly secure the True Strong North Event Centre. Some in Sudbury, however, are offering different proposals, stating that any arena project should be considered for a downtown location. For his part, Zulich has stated his preference for proposal along The Kingsway, but says that the Wolves will still be interested in the arena regardless of where it is built. More from

“While I believe the best location of a new events centre is on our site on TheKingsway, I would like to emphasize that should the city decide to build a new arena elsewhere, the Wolves will be its greatest tenant,” he told media and supporters gathered at Sudbury Arena.

“We all know we need a new events centre, one that offers something for everyone. I look forward to participating with the mayor and council in that process.”


“I believe, as many of you do, that now is the time to build a world-class events centre for Greater Sudbury, he said. “There is no question that Greater Sudbury needs one, and the stars are now aligned to make this happen.

“But they will not stay aligned forever. Timing is critical. This community could use a boost to the local economy. We shouldn’t allow events such as major concerts and family shows and sporting events to bypass us (in favour of) newer buildings in other cities.”

The timing of when a project will start to take shape hinges largely on whether the city follows through with a planned RFP, which would be issued by June 2017. Ward 5 city council representative Robert Kirwan has previously argued that Zulich’s purchase should assure that The Kingsway location is selected–thereby negating the RFP–and he is expected to introduce a formal motion on the matter next month.

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