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New Loges Coming to American Airlines Center

Dallas Mavericks

The American Airlines Center will have new loge boxes this season, thereby bringing new trends to fans of the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars

Work is underway for construction on the CyrusOne Club loge boxes, a seating area that will be installed in place of former suite areas. Loge boxes have become popular additions to arenas for several reasons, including their more flexible ticketing options, ability to offer additional amenities, and price points that can appeal to a broader range of customers.

In this case, customers at the American Airlines Center–for both Mavericks and Stars games–will be offered some extra perks. Communal dining will be one of the main features of the loge area, which also comes with a buffet and enhanced drink options. Another offer on the table for prospective loge seat holders is the ability to keep the same seating for regular season and playoff games, plus reserved parking and an exclusive entrance.

American Airlines Center officials see the CyrusOne Club as not only a way to modernize the venue’s offerings, but to better reach the price levels of more customers. More from the Dallas Morning News:

Priced at up to $90,000 a season, the new premium seating could be a third the price of a traditional suite.  The lowest price for a full suite is $300,000.

“This is a price point that more folks can get in,” said Dave Brown, executive vice president and general manager at the home of the Stars and the Dallas Mavericks. Behind him, potential customers in hard hats and protective glasses looked at bare floors and exposed ceiling pipes, imagining the stylish finishes and furnishings to come.

“You’re buying four seats vs. 12,” he added. “So the economics are more affordable for some people. It’s less cash out of pocket for the loge product. It’s more digestible financially.”

The CyrusOne loge boxes are slated to be in place by September 26, when the Stars host a preseason contest against the St. Louis Blues.

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