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Three Finalists for Laval AHL Team Name

AHLAfter two rounds of voting, we have the three finalists for the Laval AHL team launching play next season as the Montreal Canadiens’ top affiliate: the Patriots, Rapids or Rocket.

The last round of voting runs through Aug. 31. You can vote here — if you live in Quebec, that is.

Here are description of the three names:

The Laval Patriots
Capable of bringing people together, determined and combative, the Patriots don’t back down from anyone. The historical reference associated with a patriot inspires determination and courage.

The Laval Rapids
Laval is a municipality surrounded by water sparsely featuring rapids. Its name originates from the municipality within which the Place Bell is situated – Laval-des-Rapides. In that regard, the term establishes a direct link to the city, but also refers to an essential quality in hockey players, particularly in the contemporary game.

The Laval Rocket
The name “Rocket” is ingrained in Quebecers’ collective imagination and the province’s culture because of what legendary player Maurice Richard managed to accomplish over the course of his career. He is a true icon in the history of the Montreal Canadiens. Young hopefuls will only be inspired by his spirit and his intensity when they put on the uniform.

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